Swimming, 20th October 2020

Almost didn’t make it to the session today. Unintentionally I left home late and then was stuck behind a van being driven very slowly for the first couple of miles, then behind a heavily-laden articulated lorry with a trailer, also going quite slowly, for the next couple. Fortunately I arrived just in time, at the back of the queue to get in. On the positive side, I was the only one in the fast lane and no-one else from a slower lane decided it would be a good plan to “share”.

It occurred to me last night that as I probably have sufficient recovery time between my 50m and 25m sets, I could spend a little more time at the start warming up. That’s been an issue since the pool reopened because the sessions are only fifty minutes long and until recently I’ve only just been able to get through everything I wanted to in that time.

Perhaps the longer warm up helped as in my 50m set I left behind the disaster of yesterday and managed fifteen reps before failing on rep sixteen, after which finishing off the set was hardly a struggle. Despite the improved performance, the 25m set also went well with some pleasing times early on and I didn’t fail until rep twelve. Again finishing the set wasn’t really a struggle, but I did push fairly hard on the last one just to make sure.

So, one better than my previous bests for both sets. I’m pleased with that, and will reward myself with my usual recovery day tomorrow.

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