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Now we know the origin of “Black Friday”

And it’s nothing to do with “the day when shops get out of the red and into the black”. As far as I can see from the news reports of the last two days and recalling the same from last … Continue reading

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Installing OSX 10.8 on a Mac Mini2,1

I wanted to be able to build and test oaCapture on different OSX releases, but only Snow Leopard and Lion would install on my old Mac Mini.  It would have been very convenient for me if I could also have … Continue reading

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Trouble never comes alone

Just as I thought I had a temporary resolution to the previous problem with oaCapture, another one gets thrown in my face 🙁 Inclusion of the cfitsio library causes binary portability problems left, right and centre because the libraries have … Continue reading

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Just when the finishing post is in sight…

I thought I was going to be able to finish off everything for the new release of oaCapture today, but just at the last moment I’ve found a problem with the support for the Starlight Xpress filter wheel. I’ve written … Continue reading

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