February 2013

Just as with the Sun, January was a total wash-out for lunar imaging. On the 14th February however I finally had my first opportunity of the year with the Moon four days old:

15th February was a no-show, but then at six days old on 16th:

Seven days old on the 17th. This is actually a dreadful image. I was experimenting with camera settings to try to improve my images and neglected to take a sequence using my existing settings. Then it turned out that my experimentation had failed 🙁 I’m just including it for completeness and as an example of what happens when things go wrong…

And the next day, 18th February, 8 days old.

19th February.

And at ten days old on 20th. My longest unbroken sequence of images so far.

And from the same day as I was playing about with a different camera (at least until the clouds came in again), a shot of Mare Nubium and Bullialdus Crater. I’ve never tried this and clearly I need some practice to get the exposure right.

21st February

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