Veg plot 2021: Going “no dig” in the polytunnel?

I’ve been pondering today on switching to “no dig” in the polytunnel. It’s a 30’x14′ tunnel containing eight 6’x4′ beds with wooden sides, several of which are rotting away and should ideally be replaced this winter.

However, I’m thinking that I could make a bed down each side about 2’6″ wide with a similar width path and then have a 4′ bed down the middle. I think that would give me quite a bit more planting space (over 25% more) and allow me to use the polytunnel for melons, cucumbers and other plants needing some protection from our elements that I’ve not had space for up to now, especially as it would become easy to interplant, perhaps with edible flowers and non-climbing beans, around the tomatoes once they’d gained a bit of height and I’d taken the lower leaves off.

If I’m going to make this change then switching to no dig at the same time seems to make good sense. It doesn’t help that I’ve already started planting salads in one of the beds, but I can probably work around that and get a fair bit of the work done before they absolutely have to be removed.

I can’t really do much until the tomatoes are completely finished, but that won’t be too much longer.

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