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OWFS on a Raspberry Pi

I have an old Raspberry in my Stevenson screen and I’d quite like to hook it up to my 1-wire weather sensors rather than running the 1-wire connection into the observatory to my desktop system there. OWFS looks like it … Continue reading

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Powering a Raspberry Pi from a 12V supply

My Stevenson screen has a 12V supply to it for powering the 1-wire hub that has all my weather sensors attached to it. At the moment the main 1-wire connection runs back to the PC in the observatory warm room, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 64-bit ARM beta missing package niggles

This week I downloaded the Ubuntu 64-bit ARM beta image to try out (and so I could test building oacapture against the 64-bit ARM environment). It booted neatly, but I got a bit stuck when I tried to install the … Continue reading

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DIY egg incubator and hatcher

For some time now I’ve been idly contemplating the possibility of making my own incubator and hatcher for (primarily) chicken eggs as I’ve never been completely happy with the performance of my commercially-produced ones. What I’m thinking of for the … Continue reading

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In the home straight for the next oacapture release

It’s taken somewhat longer than planned for various reasons, but I’m finally in the final stages of putting together the next release (v1.2.0) of oacapture. I think I’ve killed off about eighty issues on github since the last release (though … Continue reading

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oaCapture on Raspberry Pi

I’ve finally done the (small amount of) work to get oaCapture working on the Raspberry Pi.  There genuinely wasn’t that much to do.  I was surprised how easily it all worked.  It does struggle to keep up with high frame … Continue reading

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