Jupiter 2012/2013

A montage of my first images of Jupiter from the 2012/2013 season. I’m still using the same kit as last year — a Skywatcher 127 Mak on an EQ3-2 and SPC900 combined with a 2.5x barlow and extension. Stacking is done with Registax v6 or AutoStakkert!2 if Registax won’t behave itself. Seeing on this particular night (14th October) was absolutely outstanding. I estimated NELM to have been at least 6.00.

This next set of images was taken on 6th November. It amply illustrates the difference the seeing can make. I just couldn’t squeeze any more detail out of these at all.

These nine are from the night of the 17th November. Pretty good seeing again.

And here’s a still and an animation of the Ganymede transit from 28th November

And from the following night, 29th November, the Europa transit. For scale, Europa is about a quarter of the size of Earth.

And from the 11th December, Io’s transit of Jupiter:

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