Swimming, 22nd October 2020

It was exceptionally quiet in the pool today. Only four people including myself, and one of those was a member of the staff. That may be why there’s no session at the same time next week, unless they’re using it for a half-term swim school or lifeguard training session.

Anyhow I felt a little sluggish during my 50m set today, with times perhaps a second off where I’d really like to be, but actually it went pretty well and managed sixteen reps before failing on seventeen, one more than last time. Finishing off the set wasn’t exactly troublesome at that point.

After a rest I started on the 25m set and felt that was going really quite well. Times were better than they have been and I managed twelve reps before my first failure, again one better than last time. I didn’t quite get to finish the set though. I ran out of time with one to go, mostly because we were a bit late getting in as there appeared to be a shortage of lifeguards.

So, things feel good today. Not entirely sure what to expect for tomorrow though. I think my arms might be quite tired by then.

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