Separated at birth?

I’ve just watched the Horizon programme from a week or so back — “Is your brain male or female?” presented by Michael Moseley and Alice Roberts. My enjoyment of it was somewhat curtailed however because of Alice Roberts’ uncanny similarity in appearance, mannerisms and speech patterns to Victoria Coren-Mitchell. I have absolutely no objection to either of them. Quite the opposite in fact: it’s always a pleasure to hear or read what they have to say, but it’s quite odd when your brain keeps telling you it’s the wrong person.


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  1. Russell Geisel says:

    G’day. I’m writing this from Australia and couldn’t agree more. Maybe they should both look into their history on one of those ancestor programmes.
    Maybe Mum and Dad have an interesting story to tell? Russell

  2. Judy Macdonald says:

    Watching The Incredible Human Journey (Alice Roberts… or is it???) and was equally struck so did this Google search. There just has to be a connection.

    The last time I just had to look someone up based on their voice (not looks, in this case), she turned out to be the daughter of the person I thought she sounded like.

  3. P Michael says:

    Same here, each time I’ve seen Dr Alice on the TV, I have initially thought I was watching Victoria C-M. I am far more familiar with the work of the latter, but not so much of the former. I guessed that they may be sisters, but this doesn’t appear to be the case (unless they are either unaware or have fallen out!)

    The mystery continues….

  4. Caitlin says:

    I’m just having the same thoughts watching Royal Antiques Restored. I thought they MUST be sisters!

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