I’m a (mainly Linux-based, these days) programmer and systems admin based near Exmoor in south west England. Since around 1999 I’ve been working freelance for a range of organisations from SOHO type companies to multinationals, but I’ve been writing code for money for about thirty years, since my mid-teens.
When I’m not working I have a money-pit of a house to look after, a variety of animals (some of which are kept for meat), a vegetable plot and far too many other interests and hobbies to occupy my time as well as (most importantly) a wife and two school age children.
This blog is a random collection of witterings which may serve to inform, entertain, provoke comment or, indeed, none of the above. If you find it interesting or useful, by all means let me know. If on the other hand it bores or offends (and it may — I find sacred cows just as tasty as any other variety) there are plenty of other sites to visit; please don’t let me stop you.

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  1. Rob Cartwright says:

    Can you please contact me via my email. I would like to discuss AD Biogas

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