Missing icons in Kstars and Ekos

After installing Kstars and friends on my Mint 19 desktop from the launchpad PPA, I discovered that none of the buttons in the application had icons. Some were blank, whilst others had text overlaying them. I only actually realised this wasn’t intentional when watching videos about how to use Kstars.

Searching for possible solutions I found all sorts of possibilities mentioned, but what actually fixed things for me in the end was just this:

$ sudo apt-get install breeze-icon-theme

A restart of Kstars then showed all the icons, which makes it somewhat easier to use as the toolbars can contain many buttons.

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    Many thanks, it helps me a lot !
    Have a nice day and a starry night,


  2. Alexander Beening says:

    Thanks a lot for this information. It works also for version 5.3.4 at a Raspberry Pi with RPI OS, version “bullseye”.

    All the best!

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