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Pathetic “10 Best Telescopes” Feature in The Independent

I’m not entirely sure why I find myself so incensed over this particular piece of trash journalism (and I use the word in the loosest possible sense). Perhaps because it aptly demonstrates the utter contempt for their readership endemic in … Continue reading

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Lifecam Saturn Montage

I spent some time last weekend capturing images of Saturn with my modded Lifecam using different SharpCap settings. This is a very different camera to use compared with the SPC900. There’s no direct control of gain, and the pixel size … Continue reading

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Observation Report 15 May 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of planetary imaging recently, so tonight decided that I’d have a dedicated observing session and at about 11:45 took my ST120 into the field in front of the house where I have as clear a … Continue reading

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Installing Grub on MD Disk Partitions

I rarely have to do this, so I can never recall exactly how on those odd occasions when it does come up. Usually it’s when one of the boot disks in a server has been replaced. Anyhow, as much to … Continue reading

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