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Esther Dean’s Gardening Book: Growing Without Digging

I mentioned this a couple of days ago. No-one appears to have it for sale, but I managed to find a PDF copy online. I’m now pleased I wasn’t able to buy it. The first couple of chapters are interesting, … Continue reading

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And on the subject of “old stuff”…

…something even older. We’ve been moving books around recently (it’s quite possible my own collection runs into the thousands) and I found these, I think all actually written before I was born, though these particular ones appear to have been … Continue reading

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My first science book

Conversation elsewhere reminded me of this the other day. I think it’s the first book specifically about science that I owned. Wikipedia, wrongly, I believe, dates it at 1978, but I’m sure it was a Christmas present in 1976. I … Continue reading

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In praise of Terry Pratchett

I first came across The Colour of Magic some time in 1984 I think, when it was recommended to me by a friend at school. I was immediately hooked and since then I think I’ve read all the Discworld books … Continue reading

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Championship Swim Training Book

I’ve had this book, by Bill Sweetenham and John Atkinson, sitting on my desk for a few weeks. It was recommended on the Swimming Coach course. I’ve started it a few times and struggled, largely I think because it comes … Continue reading

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