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MythTV/FFmpeg: Part 3

Well, I finally realised that there’s a 0.24 fixes tree for nuvexport that isn’t part of the main MythTV 0.24 fixes tree, so I downloaded that having read on the mailing list that it should work with the MythTV 0.24 … Continue reading

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MythTV/FFmpeg: Part 2

Enabling mp3 encoding in the bundled version of ffmpeg was merely a case of adding –enable-libmp3lame to the configure command for the entire package. nuvexport-xvid now runs to completion. Unfortunately the output looks all wrong, so I’m back to the … Continue reading

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Trials and Tribulations with MythTV and FFmpeg

I’m running MythTV 0.24.1 at the moment with quite a few MythBuntu and other front ends. I’m running out of disk for recordings and decided to archive a few off to release some space which I’ve done with previous versions … Continue reading

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Jupiter and Moons

Since Jupiter is returning to our skies now I thought I’d take advantage of last Thursday’s clear-ish skies to do some imaging practice with my 127 Mak and SPC900. I’ve not been through all the clips I took with my … Continue reading

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New Life…

Our chickens are kept in large fenced runs (to keep out the foxes) in the orchard with the trees providing some shade from the fierce heat of the British Summer. The birds are rotated around the pens giving them fresh … Continue reading

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8GB Memory Upgrade for HP Proliant Microserver

I decided to upgrade the server to 8GB RAM (its default configuration is 1GB). The motherboard has two RAM sockets, so I purchased a pair of 4GB RAM sticks to put in. It’s not a difficult job, only taking ten … Continue reading

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Clearer Boards

Back in the Spring when I wanted to take the OSR honey off some hives I had a real problem getting the bees to vacate the supers. Up until now I’ve always used a crown board fitted with Porter bee … Continue reading

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Google Sketchup on Ubuntu 11.04

For designing the observatory I really needed something a bit more “touchy-feely” than pencil and paper — my usual method of designing bits and pieces I build. A few people had mentioned Google Sketchup, but it’s only available for Windows … Continue reading

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Crystal Balls

I was amused (or perhaps bemused) by a piece on the BBC News website today covering the inflation rate rising once again. One economist is quoted as saying: “However, inflation should start to fall by the end of the year, … Continue reading

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Backup Server

Now I’m moving as much of my paperwork as possible to electronic format and given that we have lots of photos and video footage of the children in electronic form I decided it might well be sensible to have some … Continue reading

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