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The joy of supporting filter wheels

I’m working on support for filter wheels for oaCapture at the moment.  I’ve had a few hardware niggles that I’ll document separately, but just getting the code right is proving something of a struggle.  Every time I make a change … Continue reading

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Astro EQ conversion of EQ3-2 (part 5)

Once the RA motor mounting was sorted I started on the DEC bracket which is somewhat simpler, being made from a section of 4mm thick aluminium angle. Again there’s only one bolt for fixing to the mount, so the bracket … Continue reading

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Still Life in Green and Black

35mm, 27mm, 24mm and 19mm Tele Vue Panoptics, currently the physically largest eyepieces I have, next to a 5mm Baader Genuine Ortho. And something Green and Black for scale…

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Separated at birth?

I’ve just watched the Horizon programme from a week or so back — “Is your brain male or female?” presented by Michael Moseley and Alice Roberts. My enjoyment of it was somewhat curtailed however because of Alice Roberts’ uncanny similarity … Continue reading

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libudev to the rescue!

Well, on Linux at least, for the moment… Some time ago when I was writing part of oaCapture I wanted to be able to tell whether the currently connected camera was a Philips SPC900. Ideally, given that I knew, say, … Continue reading

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