A “Crown of Thorns” for my rain gauge

One of the problems with a rain gauge and I think something that had prevented it working properly last time was that it forms a nice little perch for birds who then, err, contrive to block up the holes that let the rain through.

I decided to resolve this by adding a ring of vertical “spikes” around the top of the gauge so they can’t land on it. I had some suitable plastic dowel for the spikes, but needed some way to fix them, so yet again the 3D printer came to the rescue and I made a ring to fit around the top of the gauge that holds the spikes in place.

After putting the spikes in I decided that a little hot-melt glue wouldn’t go amiss just to make sure they didn’t come loose.

The printing process was a little nailbiting towards the end. I thought I was about to run out of filament…

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