Swimming, 7th February 2019

I had the pool to myself for most of my session today. Even after all the time I’ve been swimming it still feels a bit odd when it’s just me and the lifeguard.

Anyhow, back on the same set again today, trying to push that first fail out a bit further. And as things happen it went very well. I managed two more reps than last time (two days ago), before failing for the first and only time on rep seventeen. Getting that far was quite tough, but my last few reps weren’t as lacking in control as they have been. That said, last time I managed to sprint home on the last length of the set; this time there was nothing left in the tank.

Back tomorrow hopefully. Another improvement would be nice, but I feel as though I’ve done pretty well so far this week so I shan’t complain if it doesn’t happen.

USRPT distance this year: 34,550m
Total distance this year: 36,350m

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