Swimming, 30th October 2017

It’s Monday, so it must be a tri session… Really enjoyed it this evening. The session was:

4 x 3 lengths swim, 20 seconds rest
10 x 1 length maximum distance without breathing, 15 seconds rest
4 x 3 lengths easy pull, 30 seconds rest
6 x 1 length finger drag, 10 seconds rest
4 x 3 lengths strong pull, 30 seconds rest
2 x 6 lengths strone swim, 30 seconds rest
6 lengths swim down

I think for the first time I completed the session and still had time in hand, though I did drop back to one-sided breathing for some of it. Total distance was just over 2,300m.

Total distance for the month: 42,500m
Total distance for this year: 457,700m
Distance compared to annual target: 39,700m ahead

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