Swimming, 31st October 2017

Last swim of the month and another good session today, other than a bit of an altercation with a very much slower swimmer who got upset when I bumped her feet a few times. I did explain that it is accepted lane etiquette that you should expect it when swimming with faster swimmers and allow them to pass at the end of the next length, but she wasn’t having any of it. Apparently it has never happened to her before in forty years of swimming. Perhaps she normally swims on her own. Hey ho.

Anyhow, swam 8 x 250m followed by 8 x 50m and 100m swim down. Not such a great result in terms of distance for this month, but I have had a couple of poor days and two days off. Recalculating my target for the end of the month still looks like I’m well ahead for the time being, at least. That may change now as I’m having other thoughts about how I organise my training. More of that another time.

Total distance for the month: 45,000m
Total distance for this year: 460,200m
Distance compared to annual target: 43,500m ahead

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