Swimming, 2nd August 2021

At last the pool is a little cooler. Not much, certainly, and the lifeguard was a little coy about the actual temperature when I asked, but whilst it didn’t feel as though it was back to normal, it did at least feel cooler and I had a better session even if it was a little truncated thanks to arriving slightly late.

My times were:

(50m) 44.11, 43.68, 43.31, 43.46, 42.90, 43.71, 43.55, 43.11, 42.59, 43.31, 43.26, 43.67, 43.09, skip, 42.86, 42.47, 43.07, 42.36, no time, 41.91

(25m) 18.80, no time, 18.91, 19.00, 18.94, 19.06

I’m very pleased to see so many times back below 43s for the 50m reps. Hopefully that can improve further as the pool cools down.

Again there are limited numbers of afternoon sessions this week. I’m wondering if this is the new school holidays timetable. It’s not ideal if it is. I’d consider swimming at one of the other local pools if they have more convenient session times, but the main choice is ridiculously shallow 🙁

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