Waning Moon, 23rd August 2019

I’m such a martyr, I really am 😀

It was mostly cloudy last night so I’d abandoned all hope of imaging and got into some development work on oacapture/oalive. Time passed quickly, as it does, and before I knew it 2am had arrived. As I walked through the house to go upstairs to bed I looked out of the window and could see the sky clearing and the Moon in view. So, quick change into warmer clothes, open up the observatory, wait for the cloud to clear properly and get imaging. What else?

I did get caught by a bit more cloud halfway through the run, but that soon cleared and I had another go.

For processing I took the best 100 frames of 1/500th at ISO800 as ranked by PIPP, stacked them in AS!3 (which seems to have done something strange to the framing), used wavelets in Registax 6 and had a final tinker in PS.

I quite like the way the peaks of the Appenines show up way beyond the terminator, and the nice line of large craters along the terminator to the south.

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