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Missing icons in Kstars and Ekos

After installing Kstars and friends on my Mint 19 desktop from the launchpad PPA, I discovered that none of the buttons in the application had icons. Some were blank, whilst others had text overlaying them. I only actually realised this … Continue reading

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Telescope Polar Alignment, Part Three — The Return of PHD2

As mentioned in an earlier post, the last mount in my observatory cannot be polar aligned directly as it has no view of the celestial pole. After giving things a bit of time I decided I’d just have to bite … Continue reading

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Telescope Polar Alignment, Part Two

The computery side of my observatory is going to be Linux-based, as far as possible, so I’ve had it in the back of my head that I’d be running something like Kstars and Ekos to control the mount and other … Continue reading

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