Building an observatory. Construction #52

Taking advantage of the later daylight now we’ve switched to BST, this evening the observatory has started to take on the appearance, if not the temperature, of a sauna 🙂 It is in fact quite chilly out there are the moment — not a whole lot above freezing, and we’re forecast to get sleet from the small hours tomorrow.

Working with sheets of ply that are a third of the floor area of the scope room and storing all the others in the same space makes it a bit tricky to move about, but it does at least make work possible when it’s tipping down. This evening I have completed the lower section of the western wall of the scope room and I just have one section left for the eastern wall.  That should be fairly easy to sort tomorrow, and if I can get the internal door liner in as well then I should be able to fit the lower section of ply on the scope room side of the internal wall which means I’ll be up to “lights level” in the scope room, just in time for them to arrive towards the end of this week (I hope).

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