Time for new goggles again

After just over a year wearing TYR Racetech goggles, the two pairs I bought have finally given up the ghost. In both cases the strap just fell apart quite suddenly after the material seemed to degrade very rapidly.

Although people had told me they didn’t tend to mist up I found they were no better than any other goggles I had and the shape of the lens meant that the water pulled at them when pushing off walls, so I decided I’d try something different again.

I’ve been looking for something fairly streamlined, with a strap that appears to stay in position and clear lenses. Clear goggles don’t seem to be particularly in favour as far as I can see, but I prefer them for swimming at my usual pool because it’s actually quite poorly lit (there’s no natural daylight and the walls are all bare brick). In the end I decided to try these:

  • TYR Velocity
  • Arena Tracks
  • Nike Remora

They’re all very similar designs, so I’ll probably test them all out and then order another pair or two of whichever ones I feel happiest with.

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