Building an observatory. Construction #35

Dry weather on the last day of the Christmas break gave me the opportunity to get back to the observatory and clad the last, eastern, wall. This wall is very sheltered, being barely a metre from a stone wall and also shaded from the east by the Beer Shack, so it was where I intended to use up as many off-cuts as practical from cladding the rest of the building. As a result work went a little more slowly, but by the time it was done I had less than a couple of metres of scrap timber to discard.

Although the sun was setting I decided there was just time to finish off the northern end (I left the top two pieces last time because they needed cutting around other timbers and it was too dark). By the time they were done it was once again too dark to work any further.

I did manage to get out the next day and take a photo of progress so far however:

If the weather remains dry then the next steps are probably to clad the sides of the roof and the gables and end flap. Otherwise I’ll be back inside to get the ducting all done so I can lay the floor.

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