Swimming, 1st May 2018

In line with “the new regime” I didn’t do a USRPT set today, but instead spent the entire session working on my tumble turns. I’ll go back to USRPT tomorrow and try to build in what I’m practising. The most significant problem I have in executing the turn at the moment is probably that I’m quite weak when my left arm takes the last stroke. But there are other things that need working on too, such as timing of the last breath and not getting messed up if it can’t happen when I want it to. Being able to turn in the shallow end confidently wouldn’t go amiss, either.

I envisage working on this for a while. I don’t think a single session is sufficient practice to improve it, but I need to separate it from the USRPT work so I can focus on the exact details rather than also worrying about getting back to the wall in time.

USRPT distance this year: 33,750m
Total distance this year: 73,500m

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