Swimming, 30th April 2018

Back to USRPT today. Hopefully my last attempt at:

400m front crawl warm-up
25 x 50m front crawl, target time 55s, rest interval 20s
200m front crawl swim down

I led off on the 50m reps a bit fast, hitting 46/47s for the first few. That wasn’t going to be sustainable so I had to back off a bit for the rest. After that they seemed to come relatively easily and I made the full 25 reps without any real drama.

I’m going to try to do five sessions this week, alternating between skills work and USRPT sessions and we’ll see how it goes. Then it’s down a second on the target time for Wednesday 😀

USRPT distance this year: 33,750m
Total distance this year: 71,900m

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