Plastic is the new ink

Yesterday a box of goodies arrived at our door, somewhat sooner than expected (and not as large, either):

This is the aluminium-framed Geeetech Prusa i3 clone that will hopefully be an interesting project for myself and the children to get involved with over this summer. I have a bit much on at the moment to start just yet, but I had to open the box up to see what was inside.

Very wisely they put the paperwork including the instructions on top 😀 Everything else is in foam trays.

The “top deck”. Not much I recognise immediately there. I’m intrigued to know what would have gone in the circular cut-out however.

Next one down is mostly taken up by the frame, which looks pretty sturdy.

And on the bottom, motors, power cord, leadscrews and other stuff I don’t recognise 🙂

Can’t wait to get started, but as I said, I have other priorities first, particularly whilst the weather is being so kind.

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