Backup Server

Now I’m moving as much of my paperwork as possible to electronic format and given that we have lots of photos and video footage of the children in electronic form I decided it might well be sensible to have some sort of backup copy.

We don’t have sufficient bandwidth out here — it’s a long walk even to get as far as the middle of nowhere, so a local solution is necessary. To that ends I’ve just purchased an HP ProLiant micro server from Box Limited. It’s a 1.3GHz Athlon with space for four SATA disks, and a mere £235 with the offer of a further £99.99 cashback from HP. I’m going to put four or five 2TB+ disks in it in a RAID5 configuration (no spare, given that this is only for backups and I should therefore always be able to regenerate the data if I lose everything) giving a good chunk of disk space.

The server arrived today and appeared to accept a CentOS 5 installation happily so Linux is clearly going to play nicely. Now I just need to get the disks ordered and to decide what OS I’m actually going to install.

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