Jupiter and Moons

Since Jupiter is returning to our skies now I thought I’d take advantage of last Thursday’s clear-ish skies to do some imaging practice with my 127 Mak and SPC900. I’ve not been through all the clips I took with my Ultima barlow yet, but this one was the first sequence I took. It’s not a great image, but I like it because during processing I discovered I’d caught three of the Jovian moons as well — Io, Callisto and Europa (Europa is on its own on the right).

Not sure why the bottom left of the planet has been “ground off”. I think it’s a processing artefact. I’ll have another look some time.

Image details:

127 Mak on an EQ3-2, SPC900, 1200 of 2400 frames stacked in Registax 6.

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