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Veg plot 2021: More preparation

I happened to be chatting with a friend a few weeks back who said that if I was thinking of buying some fleece for the veg plot then he’d be interested in getting some at the same time. It’s getting … Continue reading

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Dib! Dib! Dib!

Well, ok, just the one will do. Inspired by Charles Dowding’s long-handled dibber that he uses for planting out module-grown plants in his no-dig plots, I decided I’d make one of my own. Unfortunately the only broken fork/spade handle I … Continue reading

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DeWalt D28710 first impressions

Having just posted that I cut up a pile of steel tube today I realised that I’ve not said anything about the saw itself. It’s a DeWalt D28710 that I purchased specifically for my observatory project though it will see … Continue reading

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Building an observatory: new toys

As the frame for the sliding roof of my observatory is going to be welded up from mild steel I decided I’d take advantage of an offer from one of the online tool vendors to buy a cut-off saw at … Continue reading

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Chainsaw chain-changing cheer

When we moved here I “inherited” a heft Stihl 08S chainsaw. It was a bit of an animal when it came to cutting up logs, having a 21″ bar, but really too heavy to use comfortably for a long time … Continue reading

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