Dib! Dib! Dib!

Well, ok, just the one will do.

Inspired by Charles Dowding’s long-handled dibber that he uses for planting out module-grown plants in his no-dig plots, I decided I’d make one of my own. Unfortunately the only broken fork/spade handle I had actually broke in a place that wasn’t at all convenient. I had second thoughts and looked to see if one could just be bought online, but after I saw the prices third thoughts headed them off at the pass and I ended up buying a brand new handle to make one from. In fact I bought two, as I still needed to replace the broken handle from the fork.

Those of a certain age may well understand how much pleasure it gave me to place an order for “fork handles”, even if it was with a certain South American river business.

They actually looked pretty good when they arrived, so I was quite pleased. Not that there’s much that can go wrong, really. However, it seems to be made from pretty reasonable quality ash and the handle fits nicely with no sign of movement.

The only additional work required was to round off the end which I did with a plane and then finished it with sandpaper. I’m looking forward to using it now.

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