oaCapture on Raspberry Pi

I’ve finally done the (small amount of) work to get oaCapture working on the Raspberry Pi.  There genuinely wasn’t that much to do.  I was surprised how easily it all worked.  It does struggle to keep up with high frame rates, but then what did you expect?

raspberrycamHere’s a “selfie” (using a mono camera this time) 🙂



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  1. Hannes says:

    hi, I also try to get the oa source running on the rpi platform. The binary is already running, but I get ‘cannot find -lavformat, -lavcodec, -lavutil and -IASCICamera’ errors during qt bulid process. during ./configure there a similar missing errors. what lib or so is missing? Can you help me or do you have a readme with all necessary steps (I am new on linux)
    thx Hannes

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