Model 1 Raspberry Pi bites the dust

My first ever Raspberry Pi has died 🙁

It’s been out with the weather sensors in my Stevenson screen for at least a year, but we had a power outage a short while ago and it wouldn’t reboot. I brought it back inside to check over and found that it was reporting faults on the SD card when trying to boot. I reformatted the card and reinstalled the OS, but it still wouldn’t boot, yet swapping the card into a different Pi gave no errors. A different card wouldn’t read at all.

I know there can sometimes be problems with the SD card socket, but actually it appears completely undamaged and the contacts look clean. I’m wondering if it is perhaps the SD card interface that is becoming unreliable.

For the time being I’ve replaced the unit with another and if it’s convenient at some point I might give replacing the socket a go just in case, but it must be about ten years old now, is slow compared with newer models and doesn’t really owe me anything, so I might just give up on it.

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