Swimming, 9th February 2022

Another pleasing day at the pool today, at least as far as the 50m reps went.

My target time is currently 43s (or perhaps really 42.99s, as I’d count 43s as a fail) and today I managed:

42.93, 43.25, 42.06, 42.18, 42.17, 42.01, 42.69, 42.10, 42.72, 43.37, skip, 41.68, 42.06, 42.75, 42.11, 41.78

Obviously there’s the 43.25 on rep two that I’d like to get rid of, and I failed on rep ten meaning a skip on eleven, but otherwise more than half the reps were below 42.2 and I’m happy with that.

It did mean that the 25m reps were really quite tough though. I did complete the entire set, but my arms and legs were like jelly by the end and I can’t claim that it was a particularly notable performance.

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