Swimming, 10th February 2022

Sadly I wasn’t surprised when I arrived at the pool today to find that the heating system had broken down again 🙁 The pool temperature had dropped to 27.3°C and was continuing to fall which felt a touch bracing…

Nonetheless, I feel my 50m set was quite successful. I still had one “slow” rep in the first five, but it was one rep later than yesterday, and I still had one failure, but it was two reps later than yesterday, on number 12:

42.25, 42.92, 43.03, 42.75, 42.57, 42.68, 42.24, 41.47, 41.91, 42.14, 41.85, 43.82, skip, 41.56, 42.47, 42.73

The average rep time was only four hundredths slower than yesterday, too.

The downside was that there was nothing left in the tank for my 25m set. I really struggled with these and in fact had three failures, the last being on rep fourteen so I should have stopped there, but I pushed on with the last two and they were ok.

Couple of days off now, and my arms do feel as though they need it 🙂

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