No dig diary, 9th February 2022

More seed sowing this morning…

Firstly spinach. I have seed for two varieties, Medania and Missouri. I seem to struggle growing spinach for some reason, but we eat a reasonable amount of spinach and it seems worth sticking at, so I’ve sown a module tray full of each, three seeds to a cell.

I had various pea seeds left over from last year and I intend to grow a new (to me) variety for this year, so I mixed the spare ones all together and sowed some in a couple of module trays, again three to a cell. I’ll use these for pea shoots, planting them out in the polytunnel once they’re large enough. I’ll also use them for later sowings of pea shoots too, then possibly switch to Alderman once I run out.

The rest of the morning I spent having a bit of a tidy up in the greenhouse, making space for the rapid expansion in numbers of full module trays that is about to come, and getting the propagator set up. I’m half-tempted to put the onions that I sowed yesterday into the propagator now just to get them going as early as possible, but I have peppers, chiles and aubergines on my list to sow at the weekend so I’ll get those done first and then see if there’s room.

Finally I went through my planting plan for the year to make sure I have everything in it, and to check that I’ve actually bought seeds for everything I want to grow. As it turned out I am still missing a few seeds, but that looks to be down to “planned omission” where some seeds weren’t available at the time I ordered and I’m just waiting for them to be ready.

What I really still need to do is to split the vegetables into groups for “first half of the season”, “second half of the season” and “all year” in terms of how much time they will take up in the grounds. That way I can be a little more organised in terms of how I lay out the plants this year (which I need to be, so I can net the brassicas once the time comes).

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