Swimming, 23rd February 2022

Today was a rather different day from last time I swam. It seemed to be one of those rare occasions where I couldn’t swim slowly even if I tried. For the first time I made it through the first five of my 50m reps without dropping outside the target time, and whilst I was expecting, based on previous performance, that a failure would follow shortly, it just didn’t. At least, not until rep thirteen when I couldn’t tumble turn because I could up with another swimmer as we came to the wall and for safety I had to open turn instead. Event then I was less than a quarter of a second outside my target. Whilst I didn’t feel that I had to skip the next rep I did so anyway, probably mostly because I was actually feeling quite tired, but it did also move me away from the swimmer I’d caught up with. Even so the only occasions when my average time has been faster have been when I’ve had more failures or a longer rest interval, so I’m very happy with that.

Even better news was that my 25m reps were just as good. In fact I’ve never swum so fast and completed all the reps in the set. Perhaps I’ll think about reducing the rest interval for those now.

I’m quite looking forward to tomorrow now.

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