Swimming, 21st February 2022

Allegedly the boilers at the pool are fixed, though it certainly doesn’t feel like it when you get into the water. Fortunately it’s not too bad after a few lengths.

I missed Sunday’s session thanks to the pool being closed because of a shortage of life guards so I was hoping today would go well. As with last Monday however, there were a few people in the lane who were really circulating rather slowly and I didn’t always feel that it was safe. I did in fact almost swim over one swimmer because I didn’t realise how fast I was catching up on them. To be fair, some are very good at coping with faster swimmers. Oddly they’re often the faster ones themselves. It’s hard not to feel as though it’s the slower ones who have the attitude that they’re going to swim how they damn well like and it’s everyone else’s problem to avoid them. Unfortunately that won’t really cut much ice if I can’t see you and end up colliding with you going almost twice your speed. Especially as I’m not that far off twice your weight as well 🙁

Anyhow, it went ok-ish and nobody died. Under the circumstances I did the best I think I probably could have done. Hopefully it will be better on Wednesday when I go next.

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