Swimming, 19th January 2022

I didn’t get to swim on Sunday because bookings were closed down due to the pool boilers failing, and then on Monday I was helping out at a school swimming gala so didn’t have time to swim either, which meant today was the first time I’d been since Thursday. I’d compromised my performance by having a few beers yesterday evening whilst out playing skittles (well, I did win the beer hand, and got the highest score of the evening, the latter being pretty much unheard of). So, what can I say? It didn’t go well. I was about a second off the pace for each 25m. Things weren’t helped by two very slow swimmers deciding they were entitled to swim in the fast lane, either. And I really do mean very slow. One was barely managing a single length in the time it took those of us who were faster to complete two, and then hanging about on the wall right where you’d expect to turn.

I can’t really blame them for my lack of performance though. I know it was the beer really. I’ll just have to see how it goes tomorrow.

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