First attempt at smoked salmon

My wife found some salmon on offer a couple of days back because it was approaching its “expiry” date, so she bought an extra packet for me to try smoking. It’s actually a 500g fillet sliced into four. Not ideal, but worth a go.

I’ve put the fish on a rack and applied a cure of 50:50 salt/sugar. That’s now sitting in the fridge and I’ll keep an eye on it to see how it goes.

The cure is obviously working, but I’m told the fish will lose quite a bit of water. Once I feel it’s done I’ll rinse it, dry it off and give it a bit more time in the fridge before putting it in the smoker.

I’m not sure what wood I’ll use to smoke it yet. Perhaps apple or alder, though I do also have some cherry and oak that I could try. There could be more visits looking for discounted fish just so I can try some different ones 🙂

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