The rain gauge is playing up again :(

When I put it back up things seemed to be going well, but over the last few days the rain gauge has been giving some very strange results. I suspect it has been counting bucket tips when there aren’t any, and over-counting those there are.

Initially I think I’m going to pop to top off and remove some of the magnets I added to try to get it to trigger the reed switch more positively. It is perhaps possible that the switch is getting triggered more than once per tip, but perhaps the buckets might also be getting caught up somewhere that is causing the switch to trigger when it shouldn’t. In the last hour for example, almost seventy tips have been counted when it hasn’t been raining (and nor is it windy enough that the gauge might be rocking and counting extra tips).

Another oddity is that despite starting with both counters in the DS2423 at zero, counter A is now sixty greater than counter B. I’m really not sure I understand how that happens when the two inputs are tied together.

Periods of heavy rain are forecast for tomorrow with “Storm Barra” following closely on the heels of “Storm Arwen”, but hopefully I can find a few dry minutes to open the unit up and see what’s going on.

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