Swimming, 8th December 2021

I’ve not slept well for the last two nights, so once again I wasn’t expecting much when I went to the pool today and the situation wasn’t improved when four other swimmers joined the fast lane, all about ten seconds a length slower than my usual speed.

In fact, things actually went pretty well for the 50m reps and I had no failures, though I did have a couple of reps slower than my 43s target time when I was obstructed at the turn by one of the other swimmers. Whilst I’m happy with the performance therefore, I’m not going to count it as a “completed” set.

My 25m reps were a real struggle though. By that point I felt very tired and ended up having to skip a couple due to failures. Not great, but I understand the reason so I’m not going to get stressed about it.

Now I’ll just have to see how things go tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some decent sleep tonight.

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