A time for dying

Hot on the heels of one of my Raspberry Pis trying to persuade me that it wanted to meet its maker, yesterday I had need of my Dremel and discovered that it also showed no interest in functioning. I didn’t use it last and it’s possible that whoever did may have allowed it to overheat, popping the single-use thermal fuse attached to one of the brush-holders.

It turns out that almost all of the few UK stores claiming to sell Dremel spares don’t have the necessary replacement part in stock (the thermal fuse is soldered to one side of the brush-holder and to a power connector for the motor and the whole lot has to be replaced as a single unit). Fortunately I did find some available at powertoolspares.com and bought a couple so I can keep one as a spare for the future.

I’ll take some photos and document the replacement process when they arrive.

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