Swimming, 1st December 2021

Today was my first swim with a new, reduced, rest interval for my 50m reps. It’s still very generous to be fair, but I feel it’s important not to push things too fast because I really want the changes to my technique to stick and I have no coach to keep reminding me when I’m not doing it right.

I’ve got to admit that it really did feel quite punishing. I did make it through the set with a failure in the first five and another on rep twelve which isn’t too bad I guess. I wasn’t in that good a shape to do the 25m set afterwards though 😀

That’s my last swim for this week as I have other things to do tomorrow when I would normally swim again, so I’ll have to wait to see how it goes on Sunday after giving my body such a shock 🙂

I am going to stick to my new rule of not reducing the interval time more than once a fortnight though. I think my body needs time to adapt to the new pace and this gives it that time.

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