Swimming, 22nd November 2021

I ran out of time yesterday so wasn’t able to swim and in fact I felt exceptionally tired too. I can’t claim that I felt that much better today, but off I went anyhow. It’s been the first really cold day of the winter and usually the pool is quite chilly when that happens, but for the first time in quite a few years I was pleasantly surprised to find the water no colder than normal.

The 50m reps were quite tough and I struggled to keep them below 43s, ending up with four or five over. I’m not very happy about that. Hopefully I can get it back under control when I swim later in the week.

The 25m reps weren’t so bad though. Not quite as fast as I’d like to have seen them, but easily within half a second. Given that I wasn’t really feeling completely on it I think I can take that for today.

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