No dig diary, October 18th 2021

Today started with a fine drizzle. Nothing major, so I pulled out some more cardboard and laid it on the grass and collected together my tools at which point it started to rain properly 😀

I had to stick at it until I’d got enough compost down to keep the cardboard in place, by which time I was more than a touch damp. At least I’ve got about two thirds of the bed done now, although it could happily have a couple more barrow loads of compost on top so it’s as thick as the part I did yesterday.

The forecast suggests that most of the day tomorrow will be dry, so I’ll try to get more done if it turns out to be correct. It may well be the most significant change I make in the veggie plot this winter, so it would be nice to get it sorted. Otherwise it looks as though I shall be stuck with indoor jobs. Not that I’m short of those…

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