Swimming, 30th September 2021

Today I had a much better session than I’ve had for some time. I had to skip a couple of reps, but otherwise my times were pretty close to the speed I was getting before I dropped my rest interval down by five seconds. The 25m reps did suffer a little as a result, not helped by the fact that my recovery period was shorter than I wanted thanks to arriving at the pool a touch late. Overall though, I’m very happy.

My set is currently 20 x 50m on 80s with a target of 44s, followed by at least 12 x 25m
on 60s with a target of 20s. Sometimes there’s time enough for fourteen or even sixteen 25m reps, but not often.

50m: 42.52, 43.22, 43.45, 43.62, 43.59, 43.84, 43.77, 44.11, skipped, 42.89, 43.51, 43.72, 43.55, 43.50, 43.21, skipped, timing failed, 43.76

25m: 19.03, 19.87, 19.21, 19.20, 19.60, 19.59, 19.53, 19.43, 19.52, 19.62, 19.71, 19.94

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