No dig diary, 29th September 2021

Yesterday I noticed that a couple of seedlings in the greenhouse were looking a bit nibbled, so this morning I went out on a slug hunt. I was going to catch a big one. I’m not scared 🙂

I didn’t find any slugs though. Just a couple of dozen more Small White caterpillars 🙁 They’ve completely destroyed some of the mustards that I had growing in trays and done a fair bit of damage to the land cress and leaf radish. Fortunately I have plenty of spares to replant.

The greenhouse door is always closed, so the butterflies must be getting in through the fanlights to lay their eggs when the automatic vent openers are working. I’ll have to come up with some method for keeping them out next year.

It would also appear that a large animal — I suspect a deer — has laid down amongst the swedes and crushed the leaves. I don’t know if they’ll survive. I’ll try to remember to take a photo tomorrow. If it is deer they’re becoming quite a pain. They’re going to be quite disappointed next year when I net all the brassicas, but I’d quite like this year’s to survive first.

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