Honey extraction day

Today was intended to be honey extraction day. For once I was hoping that the weather wouldn’t be warm enough for bees and wasps to want to be about, but it didn’t happen and things just went downhill from there, really 🙁

I had all my frames of honey gathered together and all the kit was ready. The plan was to extract today and put the empty frames back on the hives tomorrow for the bees to clean up anything left over. Because my wife doesn’t like a sticky floor in the kitchen and gets upset if honey and wax are trodden all over the house (fair enough, really) I now do extraction in the beer shack, where it’s relatively straightforward to sluice the floor down afterwards. Only when I went out and turned on the water supply to the beer shack, it started spraying out of the incoming pipe all over the wall. Some damage to the pipe that must have been done years ago that I’d never noticed had suddenly given way. So I spent the morning cleaning up and doing plumbing instead.

The afternoon went reasonably well after I managed to remember everything I’d forgotten since last year, but I’ve not finished yet so I’ll have to get the rest done tomorrow.

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