Honey extraction (part 2)

Sometimes life just doesn’t want to do you any favours 🙂

I started extracting the rest of my honey this morning. By lunchtime I only had eleven more frames to process. I shut up the shed and came in for lunch. Only I perhaps didn’t shut up the shed as well as I thought, and when I returned after lunch it was full of hundreds of bees and wasps 🙁 Over the course of the afternoon I managed to evict most of them, but they’ll almost certainly be back before I get up tomorrow now they know there’s something of interest inside and I’d really prefer not to have the harassment of trying to keep them out when I’m working, so I decided to finish off this evening after dinner.

I switched on the cappings melter and started spinning nine of the remaining frames to extract the honey when the main breaker for the shed popped. Fortunately it’s a manual extractor so I could finish those frames by torchlight, but I really need daylight to sort out the reason the breaker went and to finish melting down the cappings and deal with the last two frames.

So, I’ve just brought all the honey I’ve already extracted back into the kitchen to filter and pack, where it is at least safe from being stolen back by the bees. I’d best be careful not to get any on the floor…

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